Not Even She Could Spoil It

I did something very liberal last night: I went to a fundraiser for Barack Obama.

A very dangerous-looking buncha liberals...

It was not a particularly elitist liberal fundraiser, you might be surprised to hear. We gathered in the beer garden at the Village Tap, our favorite neighborhood hangout, and not some swanky ballroom. Beer was the drink of choice for most folks, though I have to admit it was mostly microbrews, not PBR, so maybe it was semi-elitist. And there was hummus, so if not semi-elitist than maybe…pseudo-bohemian.

The soiree was the idea of Sarah, the owner of Sacred Art, a store that features the work of Chicago artists. We poke our heads in there occasionally to see what’s new, and I like buying gifts there so I can support local people. Sarah rounded up lots of great raffle items and a good crowd turned up – especially considering the Cubs were playing. Thanks to Sarah’s initiative and hard work, the Obama coffers were enriched by a few thousand dollars. OK, chump change for the truly elitist liberal fundraisers, but not bad for this crowd.

As I looked around I thought, “So we are the folks putting this country on the road to ruin.” Or so the conservatives would have it. But all I saw was a mix of people (well, in age anyway; the gathering was almost exclusively white, but that’s probably not surprising given the demographics of our neighborhood, and this was almost strictly a local affair) who believe we won’t do too well with four more years of Republican rule.

For the most part, though, I didn’t hear much talk about politics. The two lovely young ladies we chatted with talked mostly about travel, a passion we all shared. And Belgian beer, certainly one of my passions. The only time we really got into politics was when Sarah Palin’s name came up. Some commentators seem surprised at the level of bile she stirs among some Democrats, particularly women. Not me. Unless you share Palin’s uber-biblical world view, and think being perpetually chipper papers over other shortcomings, like a very un-Christian arrogance (read down to the office redecoration), you realize what an insult her selection was. An insult to women who may have supported Hillary but don’t believe one woman is just as good as another on a presidential ticket. To people who like a little intelligence in their leaders. To folks who get tired of hearing lies repeated over and over (yeah, right, she opposed the bridge to nowhere), with the liar thinking repetition will somehow make us forget the mendacity.

I don’t know if the two women we met call themselves feminists. I know they both work. They’re both a good bit younger than me. They’re smart. And from what I can tell, they start off with liberal tendencies. And they’re really steaming that Sarah Palin is anywhere near having a chance of serving in the White House during their lives. I know another woman who’s not so hot for her either: my mother. Definitely not a feminist (though she was a working mom decades ago, for the reason most mothers have worked across time – they need the money for their families), and probably not as book-smart as the two ladies at the Tap. But she’s pretty ripped about Palin too. Add me to the list for all the reasons already cited here.

But the Palin boil-over last night was short-lived. On to talk about why we like our neighborhood, and a little about my job, and more about good beer.

Barack was there! Sorta...

Barack was there! Sorta...

It was a night for hanging out with fun people supporting a good cause, within walking distance of home. A night to hope our little contribution to Obama will keep Sarah Palin in Alaska, where she belongs. I’m counting on swinging by Wassila next year on the trip and saying hello.


~ by mburgan on October 2, 2008.

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