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Prepare yourself for some bad news.

A favorite spot

A favorite spot

I just went out to enjoy a gorgeously exquisite  fall Sunday afternoon in Chicago. Walking around Lincoln Square, I stopped to buy a copy of Streetwise, something I do from time to time, like on days such as today when I marvel at the beauty of the world and remember how lucky I am to be in it and better off than 99% of the people on the planet.

Then the vendor had to kill the buzz.

She had an “inside tip” (I did not ask her to divulge her source): On November 23, “they” will declare martial law. “It will probably be because of something with the election,” she informed me, with a surprisingly cheerful demeanor given the gravity of the news. I refrained from doing an Alvy Singer to Duane, a la Annie Hall: “I’m due back on the planet Earth.” I just ended the conversation and skedaddled.

But as I walked away I thought: What if it really happened? What would be the scenario?

Most likely:  Obama wins, something terrible happens – or is arranged to happen (terrorist attack? even worse financial crisis?) – and Bush plays the big trump card. The election is somehow invalidated, he stays in office through the “crisis,” Constitutional bedlam ensues.

Or – McCain wins, and Bush uses the same excuse to initiate martial law, then steps down for the new prez, who mysteriously becomes “ill,” paving the way for HER to take over. And she names…Dick Cheney as her veep!

Or – same as scenario 2, but McCain stays in office and “reluctantly” wields the power Bush has set up for him.

Or – no, this is silly. She was a Streetwise vendor for god’s sake, not some seer or powerbroker with access to an “inside tip.” Just silly. It can’t happen here.

Of course not...right?

Of course not...right?

Or can it…

And if it does, remember where you heard it first.


~ by mburgan on October 12, 2008.

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