Instant Free-Play

As some of you know, this whole crisis thing was in large part sparked by my playwriting career – or more accurately, my lack of one. The solo show was not what I had hoped it would be, no one liked the other full-lengths I’ve written (except my wife and a few friends), and the whole thing of pursuing theatre in a meaningful way, the reason why we had picked up and moved to Chicago more than four years ago, seemed really, really stupid.

Another play almost no one saw

Another play almost no one saw

Then, since starting the blog, there’s been some rekindling of the dramatic urge. Nothing major: I still cannot bring myself to rewrite 18: A Year With Footnotes, or start the other full-lengths that have been rattling around in my brain for a few years.  But I’ve reworked some scenes from older plays to submit them as 10-minute works (a theatrical genre I really don’t care for, but which has given me most of my playwriting “success” to date).  And I’m hoping the break I expect in my work schedule around the holidays will give me the spark to do some real writing again.

But in the meantime, I’m going to post some of my shorter works online. If anybody, anywhere, reads one and thinks they might like to stage it, go for it.  No royalties, no fees. Just let me know where and when it’s going up.  The first is Bob’s Head, which was staged once, here in Chicago, as part of Appetite Theatre‘s 2005 Bruschetta fest (sadly, they haven’t chosen anything else of mine since). Bob got a good audience response the night I saw it, mostly, I’m sure, because of the zesty performances and direction. If nothing else, I have learned here how important it is to work with talented, committed people to really bring a play to life. Of course, the hard part of playwriting is getting to that point, finding someone who sees something of value in your work and wants to stage it. A play is never really done until it’s on its feet in front of an audience. And sometimes not even then, as I learned with 18.

In the future, I hope to put up links to YouTube videos of some of my works that have been staged and taped. Still trying to get the technical glitches worked out on that. In the meantime, check out Bob’s Head.


~ by mburgan on October 27, 2008.

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  1. your darling niece is a YouTube junkie..i’m sure she get the technical glitches worked out…she seems to want to major in yanno one of those fields that are hit/miss, photography/videoagraphy/tv broadcasting…*sigh*…gotta just stick with science/math stuff..

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