Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah

Didn’t some candidates used to send truth squads to trail their opponents, who pointed out the lies those opponents made on the campaign trail? I think both guys running this year had them at one point, but I’ve heard less about them lately. That’s too bad, because no campaign has needed those squads more than Barack Obama’s, to highlight the absolute crap that has been flowing from the Republicans. No, I am not totally partisan; I know there have been distortions from my guys too. But with the injection – like a deadly virus – of Palin, it seems truth has been in short supply on the Repub stump.

But finding out about the lying can take some doing. Here’s what was buried in the last paragraph of a CNN article I saw today:

“Palin also continued to repeat a claim, which has been debunked, that ‘according to an independent analysis, our opponent’s new policies will destroy nearly 6 million jobs over the next decade.’ She later made the same claim at rallies in Central Florida and Raleigh, North Carolina.”

So the claim’s been debunked, I would assume the McCain people know it, yet Palin passes it on over and over. And who’s gonna tell the people she spoke to it was a lie? The local press covering her? Not likely. They’re usually either too gaga over the appearance of a major candidate to say anything accusatory, or they don’t know the lies when they hear them. And how many people out of the thousands who heard her lie might have made it to the bottom of that CNN article?

A local political pundit here in Chicago says candidate promises to do “dis, dat, and de udder ding” (as Gilligan did when he was a puppet leader in a wacky dream sequence) aren’t lies. They’re just part of campaigning. And I’m willing to cut them some slack on those promises. A political promise is more a statement of intent, not, you know, a real promise. But willfully repeating untrue facts about an opponent is a lie.

In my favorite Christmas movie, The Ref, the bickering husband and wife finally admit, at gunpoint, that they have lied to each other. I’d like to unleash Denis Leary’s character on Palin and hear her finally blurt, “Yes, I’m a liar. I have lied in Alaska, I have lied to you in this campaign, I will lie again if I run for future offices.” And then I hope some people who hear those lies will actually care. I find it so strange that these god-fearin’ Republicans like her and Bush, these self-professed “Christians,” are among the biggest liars in the land. And stranger still that their brothers and sisters so easily excuse it.


~ by mburgan on November 3, 2008.

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