Bits and Pieces

Some random post-election thoughts:

Now the really good dirt is starting to flow about Sarah Palin, Ms. “I am not a diva.” Uh huh. Check out this tidbit from ABC News:

“McCain drove himself home in a Toyota sport utility vehicle. Palin’s departure was a grander event. She left with an entourage of 18 family members and friends and a Secret Service detail, heading to the airport in a motorcade stretching more than a dozen vehicles, flanked by a dozen more cops on motorcycles.”

No delusions of grandeur there, eh Miss Wasilla 1984?

And here’s proof she’s ready to be pres someday – she has that same fine lack of introspection and interest in the past that propelled Dubya to such great heights (see, it wasn’t just the money and connections):

“When pressed on what went wrong with the campaign, she said, ‘I certainly am not one to ever waste time looking backwards.'”

Maybe from here you can get in the full view of her ego

Maybe from here you can get the full view of her ego

And with that, I promise not to mention the Disasta from Alaska again, unless we run into her when we get to Juneau.

Here’s some more looking past: The New York Times has a great map showing the change in votes for Republicans and Democrats from ’04 to ‘ 08. Not surprisingly, it is mostly a lovely shade of blue, except for this bloody swath of red that starts in Oklahoma and runs through a good part of the Confed, oops, South. Makes it easy to plan your next vacation, knowing which counties to avoid. In that vein, I had previously pledged never to spend any money in Texas, after the crop of political whack jobs it has produced the last few decades. I know, nobody in Texas is crying over my boycott. But they’re missing on some major tourist dollars, since I don’t scrimp when it comes to veggie burgers and tofu.

"Jowlin' Joe"

"Jowlin' Joe"

And now, a thought on the biggest political asshole not from Texas, Connecticut’s own Joe Lieberman. No word yet on what exactly went down in the meeting today with Harry Reid, but judging by what I’ve read online, lotsa Democrats have no kind feelings for ol’ Joe. Count me in. Even before we left CT, I thought, “Here’s a guy who only cares about himself.” His devotion to his faith and a sense of morality once seemed kinda admirable, but then became like most everything else about him: sanctimonious and hollow. I hope the Dems show a little spine and show him the boot.


~ by mburgan on November 7, 2008.

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