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Give that boy a tip

Give that boy a tip

The New York Times has an interesting article today about web-only, non-profit “newspapers” staffed by professional journalists. Evidently some folks don’t like the biased crap and rumors that appear on many blogs (but, ahem, never this one. Well, at least no rumors…).

I have some journalistic experience, and my background in history makes me value the role of real newspapers and the need for accuracy in reporting. I also think some blogs do a good job of presenting facts, even if only through links to real news sources. The new web papers strive to create the best of both worlds, focusing on what’s going on in local communities and encouraging the interaction the Web promotes.

I was glad to see that what may be my new home town next year, New Haven, already has one of these “papers.” The New Haven Independent is headed by Paul Bass, a writer and journalist with years of experiencing covering the Elm City. Funding comes from the Online Journalism Project, which Bass also heads. Its goal is to help “stand-alone journalists obtain grants or other financing to develop local news websites meeting professional standards of fact-gathering, accuracy, fairness; by sharing information about this emerging medium; and by adding our voice to the debate over the course of online journalism.”

In the issue (if that’s the right word) I glanced at, there was a piece on Lieberman’s avoiding punishment by the Dems, with a pretty detailed list of all his past political sins, not just the recent ones. Of course, that story has a local angle, since Lieberman lived in New Haven for so long. Most of the stories are steeped in the city’s neighborhoods, going a little deeper, it seems, than the traditional media might on “small” stories that matter to people who live in the communities affected.

If we do end up in New Haven, this is exactly the kind of (non-paying, I’m sure) work I would like to do, while keeping the blog for the most incendiary commentary. At times, I have tried to be a reporter these past few months, going out to a few events and then offering my take. But I would welcome doing real reporting on local issues that matter. Let’s see how it plays out. And if they’ll have me.


~ by mburgan on November 19, 2008.

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