Christmastime in the City

xmas-martAfter last night’s Leibovitz talk, I strolled over to the Christkindlmarket, which has become an annual holiday event in downtown Chicago.

(First though, I walked past the president-elect’s transition office, which even at 7 pm was under quite heavy security. Either he was working late on those cabinet appointments or this is just the norm now at that building. Lots of Chicago Police and Homeland Security cars and personnel, and guys with some serious body armor wearing black ski masks over their faces. I don’t think the masks were for warding off the chill.)

What, no ornaments?

What, no ornaments on the Picasso?

Each year, a group of real, live Germans sets up shop in Daley Plaza, along with some locals, to recreate the Christmas markets held in the fatherland. This is said to be the largest market of its kind outside of Germany. The vendors sell all sorts of German food and trinkets, many handmade, though I only come for the Christmas beer and a pretzel. Since I happened to have my camera with me, I took a few shots. They’re pretty bad. But taking them, I thought again about the vibrancy I will be missing when I head back to CT. And in how many cities can you stroll a few blocks and see sculptures by Calder, Picasso, Miro, Oldenburg?

I love this city even when it's fuzzy.

I love this city even when it's fuzzy.

I love this city.


~ by mburgan on December 3, 2008.

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