Weekend Update

I’ve tried to stay away from chronicling the more mundane aspects of life-during-Crisis (not that anything written to date is gonna clinch me a Pulitzer or lead to fame and riches). But I want to briefly mention two things we did this weekend.

Dustin and Youk weren't at this fundraiser, but they support the Jimmy Fund too.

Dustin and Youk weren't there, but they support the Jimmy Fund too.

On Friday, we went to a fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund, hosted by a local improv group. The group, called Dirty Water, does a monthly show in which the members play the denizens of a Boston (I assume Southie) neighborhood bar, riffing on whatever.  The show is held in a bar, adding to its verisimilitude.

We learned a few things going to the show. People outside of New England have no clue what the Jimmy Fund is. The Red Sox are an excellent bond for transplanted New Englanders in Chicago. The Town Hall Pub, site of the show, is a good little dive bar (cheap microbrews on tap and vegan jerky!) in the middle of Boystown, Chicago’s oldest gay neighborhood and home of the Chicago Diner, the veggie/vegan place where he had dinner.

If you do not know the Chicago Diner: it is Chicago’s oldest vegetarian restaurant. Its food, sadly, is often hit-or-miss, but it has a great variety of items, so I keep hoping I’ll find that one killer dish. Samantha seems to have better luck there than I do. And if you don’t know Boystown: it’s home to a huge Gay Pride festival every year, a variety of leather-and-accoutrement shops for all sexual tastes, and it is the only neighborhood I know of in Chicago marked by rainbow-colored giant phalluses (well, they’re kinda phallus shaped, not actual phalluses).

No mistaking where you are

No mistaking where you are

On a cold night, it was nice to help a good cause, and we got to chat a little with the players, who seemed like nice guys. The show had a few good laughs, and it reminded me again how easy it is to find theatre and comedy in this city. Improv troupes are a dime-a-dozen, but you never know when you might be seeing the next SNLer honing his or her chops. You don’t get that in Connecticut.

Nor do you get the country’s largest vegan Meetup group. On Saturday, we went to the group’s monthly meeting, which this time was held at Cousin’s Incredible Vitality,  a raw restaurant not far from us. The food is always yummy, even if we have no clue exactly what we’re eating. We started going to the vegan Meetups right after we got to Chicago and usually make about 2 or 3 a year. We have not made lasting friends, but we usually find good conversation, even if it does tend to be a little too vegan-centric at times. Still, you know you share core values when you’re with a bunch of fellow vegans, and that’s nice.

(Not like when I went to a few meetings of the Tall Club with a friend of mine. Oh, yes, there is a Tall Club. In fact, my only visit to the Windows on World at the old World Trade Center was for one of their social events. The club exists mostly as a way for tall people to meet and mate. Women have to be over 5′ 10″ and men over 6′ 2″. I quickly realized that a club whose members share only a genetic accident was not really for me.)

So, all in all, one of our more social weekends in quite awhile. And as each weekend passes, I realize there won’t be many of them left in this great city. I know I have to take every opportunity to do as much as I can, while I can.


~ by mburgan on December 7, 2008.

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