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From time to time here at C?WC?, I talk about food and veganism. It’s not a major topic, though food is a major part of my life. Cooking relaxing me, and planning the week’s meals and shopping for them is a highlight of my life. Kinda pathetic, isn’t it?

People interested in veganism/vegetarianism can find plenty of info on the web, including at the blogs I’ve highlighted to the right (special acknowledgement to my new blogging buddy Debora and her site Invisible Voices; great pictures and words combined).

Today I also want to point you to a very interesting food article from the mainstream media, an op-ed from today’s New York Times. Nicholas Kristoff calls for Obama to replace the Department of Agriculture with the Department of Food, since only 2 percent of us farm but all of us eat. And most of the farming is done by huge corporations that do more harm than good in the food system, and will of course resist any changes that threaten their business or political influence. The new secretary of food,  as Kristoff sees it, could promote the production and consumption of healthier foods, though I don’t think that would go to far enough – there will be no undersecretary of vegetarianism, I wouldn’t think.

As much as Kristoff’s column gave me hope for a better food future, an article in yesterday’s Times made me wince. Isn’t it great, the author asked, that the supply of fresh lobsters is up, the demand is down, and New Yorkers can get the crustaceans for just 8 bucks a pound?

Well, no.

I feel pain too! (Maybe) Click on me to read more

I feel pain too! (Maybe) Click on me to read more

I still remember the day 14 years ago when I gave up lobster and other fish, another step on my road to veganism (beef, pork, and other meat was already off the menu). Now, I loved lobster, and living in New England, it was pretty ubiquitous. But I went to a friend’s wedding reception, a Maine lobster boil, and watched for hours as the cooks threw those living creatures into boiling water. I ate the lobster that day, but didn’t feel good about it, and after I left I said, that’s it – no more for me. So reading that people get gleeful when the price of lobster falls…I just can’t share the joy, you know?

For an earlier post on food issues,  check this out. Here’s one with some thoughts on veganism too. And please, think about what you’re eating, whether it once lived or not.

Coming food-related attractions: I spout off on all things pizza – here in Chicago, back in CT, and right inside my kitchen!


~ by mburgan on December 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Quick Bites”

  1. I’ve been meaning to get over here to comment! (I’m really bad about that, with everyone’s blogs!) Thanks for the kind mention!

  2. Thanks for checking it out. With all the blogs you have links to and all the comments you get, I would think it would be hard to keep up with everyone, so no worries there.

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