“What the Lord Has Ordained”

Wow, it’s go great to live in a state recognized for its sterling political leaders, held up as paragons of morality and civic virtue.

Worth using again...

Worth using again...

Uh, yeah.

No need to go over the latest in the always-unfolding, never-boring Blago debacle. And now we have Roland Burris in the mix, the guy who has already carved his tombstone with his political accomplishments (with space left for something unforeseen – like a U.S. Senate seat…). Burris has pretty much said he is the best man for the job. Because he lost all of the last three or four elections he’s been in? Because he has been so removed from public life since the last loss? (I’d  never heard of him after living here for almost five years, and as you might have noticed, I’m kinda a political junkie)

No, Roland Burris is the man because his appointment was ordained by God.

Talk about working in mysterious ways

Talk about working in mysterious ways

I think I passed some fine Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (woefully hard to find in this area come the holidays) through my nose when I read that one. Ordained by God. And he had the balls to say this in a church. You mean God told Blago to get eye-deep in some of the smelliest political shit we’ve seen in ages, and then He instructed the arrested-and-sure-to-be-impeached gov to choose you as our junior senator?  Blago’s trying to defy his critics and win black support in trying times – as he has done before – and your own overblown perception of your abilities and importance to the good people of this state had nothing to do with it?


I have mentioned from time to time my problem with organized – especially conservative – religion and the way it is abused by the self-righteous and the cynical. But Burris’s statement just blew my mind. But surely now God is smiling on him, as the Dems backtrack from their refusal to seat him. The machinations of this whole thing make me sick, and once again, my brain hurts. At this point, I don’t care who has the seat. We’ll be out of this political cesspool colloquially called Illinois in a few months anyway, and I’m convinced that even the state’s being an international laughingstock will not change how things are done here. My only regret is that I can’t not vote for Mayor Daley again…

Another interesting twist to the Burris story, and the replacement of several other senators by gubernatorial appointment: It may be unconstitutional. At least that’s what Illinois lawyer Thomas Geoghegan claimed in yesterday’s NYT. By his reading of the 17th Amendment –  which, I admit, I have not committed to memory – governors have to call special elections to fill empty Senate seats. The amendment’s intent, he says, was to end the prerogative of govs to decide who held Senate seats. (Aside: it is mind-blowing that we have been popularly electing U.S. senators for less than 100 years. Yeah, we are the exemplars of democracy here in the good ol’ USA. And of course, when we finally allowed the direct election of senators, women still could not vote for president. Sheesh.)

Geoghegan, interestingly, is running in a special election for an open seat – Rahm Emanuel’s. (Rahm was nice enough to call us last week and tell us himself that he was officially giving up the seat to work for Obama. He’s our rep, don’t you know. OK, it was a robo-call, but at least I can truthfully say he called me. Sort of.)  So a House seat is worth a special election, but not a seat in the Senate. Sure.

Rowland - what an amateur!

Rowland - what an amateur!

Yeah, I guess getting out of this political madhouse is the only good thing about the Crisis. We don’t have this kind of shit in CT. I mean, our convicted gov (who found God in jail – gee, what a surprise) only took a lousy deck for his summer home. And now the biggest problem there is digging out of a few billion-dollar deficit. Man, how absolutely boring. And certainly ordained by God, I’m sure.


~ by mburgan on January 8, 2009.

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