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Where's my coupon, damnit?

Where's my coupon, damnit?

If you’re a coupon clipper, as I am (yes, another sign of my inherent geekness), you can always tell when it’s the first Sunday after New Year’s: It’s the only time you find coupons for tofu and other soy products, aimed at people who have made it their resolution to eat healthier and maybe cut down on meat. This year, though, the Tribune didn’t have any, but that hasn’t stopped Terry Mason from cutting meat out of his diet (though not permanently), and asking others to join him.

Mason is Chicago’s health commissioner, and he’s given up meat to help dramatize the need for people to improve their health through what they do and don’t eat. The Tribune reported on his effort to spread the word on his radio show and a recent visit to the most famous vegetarian place on the South Side, Soul Vegetarian East (which I have not visited, although I did try some of their food at last year’s Green Fest. As you’ll see from the reviews here, some folks love it, though the service can be spotty). Mason, who is black, is targeting the African-American community in particular, since blacks tend to have high rates of diabetes and heart disease, which can be controlled with better eating habits . Now, that does not necessarily mean all vegetarian/vegan food is healthy, but any effort that gets people thinking about eating less meat is all right by me.

FARM sponsors the Great American Meatout every March

FARM sponsors the Great American Meatout every March

In that vein, I applaud the efforts by FARM (the Farm Animal Rights Movement) to promote vegan options in our schools. The group made this one of the issues that people can vote on at Change.org. The top vote-getters will be presented to the Obama administration. Go here to sign up and vote for helping young vegans and their curious, carnivorous friends, if you’re so inclined.

Could be worse, I guess...

Could be worse, I guess...

And one last food item: PETA has been highly critical of KFC and its lack of concern for animal welfare (I mean, they gotta kill chickens if they’re gonna sell the stuff, but you can do it more humanely. And they could lay off giving them drugs, which find their way into your body, chicken lovers). But the group recently praised the company’s Canadian outlets for offering a meatless sandwich. So if they can offer it there, why not in the US? Not that I’m going to rush out to KFC for my next dining-out experience, but it would be nice if all fast-food places offered at least one edible vegetarian option (The article didn’t say it, but a PETA website says the ersatz fowl is also vegan). Actually, it would be nice if every restaurant had good vegetarian/vegan options, but you know what a dreamer I am.


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