The Century Mark

Hey, not the only celebration in town this week

Hey, not the only celebration in town this week

It’s another milestone here at C?WC? This post marks the 100th since we launched the blog back in September ’08, not sure then if we had the stamina to go the distance, but we’ve tried to give 110 percent and prove our mental toughness, day in and day out, to show we’re all on the same page and only have one goal, getting to the championship, so we can bring home the ring!


Not sure where the sports clichés came from, but maybe there’s an idea there: competitive blogging! Fastest writing of a post, most words per minute with fewest errors, most links, with points taken off for irrelevancy…

From the start, I saw the blog as an outlet for things like the silliness above. And of course also for ruminations on one man’s mid-life crisis, hoping others could relate to some of the issues.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see I have touched a few people, friends and family and strangers alike. I’ve also reached out to other bloggers who have great talents and who support great causes, so I see the value of building an online community – the first time I’ve admitted that. I’ve learned a lot, been moved to comment on their posts or take action based on their suggestions. I hope some of my words have stirred something similar in some of them.

At times, I’ve also tried to recapture some of my old journalistic tendencies and cover local events – if not always profound ones – events that reflect my interests. A few examples of that: here and here. I’ve been fortunate to live in a city that offers cultural and political events non-stop, and just happens to be the home of the new president, so that has helped generated some posts too.

I worry that after the Big Move East, I’ll have fewer opportunities to get to events that might edify both me and you, the enormous C?WC? fan base. At least fewer events that are free and easy to get to. We’ll see. I know the move will generate its own opportunities for introspection and rumination. How can it not, when they are so many uncertainties about it, and I don’t deal well with uncertainties? And of course, the still-unfolding economic crisis and other battles political will always provide fodder. Then there’s the playwriting, which will have to take a back seat in the months ahead, as I focus on work and the move. Nothing new will get written, I fear, but I will keep sending out the old stuff and hoping for some hits. The latest: a community theatre in Camden, New Jersey, now only the second-most crime ridden city in the country! I’ll be in town for the performance of May 3, which should be fun. (If nothing else, it’s nice to have an artistic director tell me how much he really likes my piece.)

"And all the houses on the street have got a name, cuz all the houses on the street they look the same..."

Sing it, Ray: "And all the houses on the street have got a name, cuz all the houses on the street they look the same..."

But as far as once we’re settled into our new life: Let’s be honest – suburban (or even borderline urban)  CT just ain’t Chicago, with its art, its wacky politics, its great food. The posts are bound to be a little blander come the fall. I’ll do my best to find angles that keep things entertaining, if suburban life doesn’t just suck every ounce of creative energy and intelligence out of me.

So, as this slightly somber 100th post-celebration winds down, let my just thank you, the fans. We can’t do it without you, the crowd factor, knowing you’re out there making some noise and cheering us on. You’re our 10th blogger, the unseen force that always inspires. Back at the millenary celebration – 1,000 visits – I said we hoped to break 2,000 by February 15. Well, because of you, your support, we actually broke 2,000 visits this week! So this is a doubly important celebration, even if subdued. Thanks again, and keep reading.


~ by mburgan on January 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Century Mark”

  1. Congrats on the milestone! I’ve been blogging since 2006, and I will only hit the three-quarters of a century mark with my next post!

    By the way, as a comment on your previous post on the Bush years, check out this link!

  2. Thanks for the congrats and the link–very funny.

  3. Congrats! Keep it up! We’ll do our best to get you out and about when you are back in CT to help keep you inspired

  4. Thanks, Dave. I’ll look forward to getting out and about.

  5. oh of course we will keep you out and about…wink wink

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