Blogging Bad Craziness

Maybe someone wiser in the ways of search engines and blogging can explain this to me.

So for the first five months of C?WC?, the average number of hits on the site was pretty low. The highest ever was about 50, and there were some days (a few) with just single digits. Then, suddenly, in February, it shoots up over 100. Then, on one day,  200. And the bulk of the hits are coming from people who put “Malcolm X” into a search engine and my post “Obama Secrets Revealed!”  comes up. It dealt with some of the ridiculous rumors and conspiracy theories on the Web about the POTUS, and it mentioned the bogus claim that Malcolm X was Obama’s father (bogus until proven otherwise, and I haven’t heard of any proof out there).

The weird thing is, this keeps up day after day – dozens of people searching on Malcolm and supposedly getting my site. I tried Googling the term and five pages in,  C?WC? was not in the results. Tried it again with Yahoo, and same thing. Are these people just more patient than me? Have more time on their hands? Then searches for “Nazi propaganda” seemed to bring me an inordinate number of hits for the post on WWII propaganda. Weird. So, in any event, I have decided to stop crowing about any new milestones in readership, since the numbers are obviously fucked. And I wondering what the hell is going on.


~ by mburgan on March 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Blogging Bad Craziness”

  1. Now that you’ve posted this, if you google “malcolm x obama’s father” and search blogs – this is the top hit! That was clever of you!

  2. No, I could never be that clever; I didn’t even know you could just do a google search of blogs.

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