Enough with the Clowns, Already

Sometimes, you don’t know who to get more pissed at. The clowns who tried to ruin the Constitution the past eight years, or the really big clown blowing hot air now (always…).

Ok, we've got the smoke covered, now we just need the mirror (I'm sure there's a big one back in his studio)

Ok, we've got the smoke covered, now we just need the mirror (I'm sure there's a big one back in his studio)

Let’s take the clowns in reverse chronological order, and by lowest level of actual threat to the republic. I’m a little behind on responding to this, but here goes. So, there’s this certain corpulent, cigar-smoking blowhard and his fawning cadre of diddleheads. And CSB spouts his usual BS at a meeting of conservatives, after famously wishing ill-will on the POTUS. (Though let’s be fair: blowhard said “if” the president were doing something nasty, which CSB then assured us he was. The reality of that is open to debate, and I still say Obama is no socialist, not in the way certain conservatives use the word as a synonym for “Marxist/communist/confiscate all the private property!”)

But here’s the thing about the talk at the convention that got me. Sir Blowhard and his knights of the Unprofound Table say they mount their steeds in an heroic quest to take back the country from those, those, liberals.

Take it back, you say? You mean it belonged to you, and these interlopers supported by a majority of Americans stole it? Voting Americans, I might add, the folks who actually decide who gets to govern, even if you think that power should be reserved for radio blowhards. Take it back, because it was ordained by God, or History, or Fate, or some other omnipotent force that decreed you and your minions should be in control of it?

You know, the CSB’s hubris has never been a point of dispute. But this just kinda takes the cake, which I assume he took with a few danishes and some other sweets when they rolled that dessert cart out after the convention dinner. I always knew there was a hard-core conservative constituency that listened to the blowhard’s spewings, and he validated their ideas and maybe shored up their insecurities. But from what I can tell, there were some pretty smart folks at this convention. And they bought this too? Sad. And scary.

Show some spine, man, some gumption!

Show some spine, man, some gumption!

But what is sadder/scarier is the kowtowing some Republican leaders to do this clown. Michael Steele: At long last, have you left no sense of decency sir? You spoke the truth and then backpedaled over to kiss the CSB’s ring. Elected Republican pols have joined you. Where is the one principled Republican lawmaker who will stand up and say the Blowhard is a big fat idiot (we know Al Franken will when he gets his senate seat…) and does not represent what’s best in the Republican Party. If anyone knows what that is anymore. (You would think McCain would be up for the challenge, after the way the blowhard bashed him during the campaign. And hell, his political career is winding down, why not go down swinging?)

CSB does not own the country, and he represents the views of only a small part of it. He is a showman who dispenses ideology and vitriol to stir up his “base.” Cool. Do what you gotta do to sell those lame ads.  But the Repubs should start to see that his base and theirs do not reflect what a lot of Americans want and do not want. And off the top, I would say they don’t want unbending ideology that professes to follow some pure path ordained by the heavens. Which is why if Obama does get a little too doctrinaire or loses sight of the immediate goal – the economy, stupid: putting people to work, not funding ear marks and huge programs that may be worthy, but that maybe we need to tackle when the ground stops shaking beneath us – then he will be toast.

Send in the clowns #2: Actually, calling these guys clowns is an insult to clowns, and trivializes the evil they dispensed. So this week the current prez releases some documents the former prez really didn’t want anyone to read. You know, some more stuff about that so-called torture and mistreatment of prisoners. About what a prez can do when he’s commanding-in-chiefing a war against terror. Basically, we learn again that Bush,  Cheney, Rumsfeld et al.  thought it meant Bush could do just about whatever the fuck he wanted. Like use the military to conduct warrantless searches. Or conduct wiretaps without judicial approval. Or overturn the First Amendment protections of the media. Or deny rights to terrorists picked up in Afghanistan, despite any protections they might theoretically have under our Constitution or the Geneva Convention.

Did the phrase “rule of law” ring any bells with anyone in the White House? OK, Bush I can see, but the lawyers? Doesn’t there come a point when serving your client versus defying the Constitution and international law willy-nilly puts you in some sort of moral conundrum?

Rev. Moon wasn't hiring, so this looked like the next-best gig...

Rev. Moon wasn't hiring, so this looked like the next-best gig...

Apparently not. Right Mr. Bybee and Mr. Yoo? (Can you believe a new generation of lawyers is now absorbing the Yoo Theory of Presidential Misgovernance? Shudder.)

None of this stuff is really new. Nor is the former administration’s reluctance to own up to what it said and did for most of its 8 years. But as more documents come out, and I’m sure they will, we’ll see how much some Bushies were willing to subvert the constitution, torture, and keep all facts that might put them in a bad light deeply hidden. Perhaps some administration folks who know more than what was documented will also start stepping up and speaking out, though I won’t hold my breath.

Given the economy and the partisan deadlock unfolding and my Crisis and the ongoing corruption here in IL, maybe having a few clowns around wouldn’t be so bad. But the real ones. Not this ersatz crew so full of itself. Hot air and self-serving deeds – not a pretty combo in these tough times.


~ by mburgan on March 6, 2009.

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