On the Road Again

Ok, so not quite as drastic an adventure as this...

Ok, so not quite as drastic an adventure as this...

So another grand adventure begins.

Not for me, of course. Nope, I’m still just sloggin’ away with work, takin’ care of the taxes, doin’ the shopping. And most importantly, trying to stay sane as another milestone in the latest phase of the Crisis comes and goes. You see, today was the day Samantha set off for Connecticut. Her grand adventure.

Must be nice: go off for two months and do what you want to do. Oh, there’s work involved, sure, being down on the farm; hard work too. But it’s not like the responsibilities of a paying job. And then, having someone else take care of the house and all the chores and the cat during that time – pretty sweet.

Me, petty? Ya think?

OK, I won’t go into all the “discussion” that led to this day’s casting off, the crammed Honda setting down our street pointed toward the rising sun (or at least it was once she got to the highway). But suffice to say, I haven’t been a happy camper in the weeks leading up to this, as the faithful readers of C?WC? know. And it’s not just about being alone; it’s all that comes after this two-month separation, the icing on the cake of my concerns-and-desires foiled.

But maybe the time apart will be good for both of us, right dear? You get to fulfill a long-time dream. I get to do what I otherwise never do: ruminate. Ponder. And most of all, worry about the future.

Of course, this separation has its upside. For two months, I get to revert to my wild, swinging-bachelor, bad-boy ways. No straightening the kitchen towels! No wringing out the soap in the dish sponge! Hanging the toilet paper so it falls from the back, as God intended! Keeping the bedroom doors open all the time – yes, both of them, damnit! Man, this is gonna be great!

But then, there is a big downside: no car. Now, I don’t normally drive that much in the city, preferring to live the urban lifestyle on foot, bike, and CTA. But with the car gone, it’s like a lifeline taken away. I know plenty of people here haven’t owned a car for years, if it all, but for someone who has owned one for more than 25 years…I know I will be jonesin’. And when does the craving finally get sated? In six weeks, when I drive a standard for the first time in years, in a tiny rented car on the narrow streets of Italy, with crazed Dago drivers honking and shouting at my every hesitancy. And my mother by my side, screaming in panic at every turn.


But all that is so far away. Right now, again, always, I have to try to get through each day. Do my work, go to The Real Thing, feed the cat, ignore the pains, forget about the move. The play is a welcome diversion, as I’ve said before, and I have people coming to visit, and my trips, near and far. I’ll actually see Samantha in just a little over 3 weeks, so that’s not too long of a separation (he says after less than 12 hours have passed since her departure…). And by then she may have decided organic farming is her life calling, and we will have our own little Green Acres moment.

I can’t wait.


~ by mburgan on April 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “On the Road Again”

  1. thank you for the laugh. So I can assume it will be PARTY TIME when I am there? although I can’t picture me drunk on a train.

  2. Party time? Aren’t you too old to be talking like that?

  3. LOL…ok, what do us middle age people call it?
    ..I just got home from a GHS mini reunion..

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