Musical Satisfaction

“Most of the day, we were at the machinery.”

after heatAh, how long has it been since I heard Eno sing those words over the keyboard stylings of Cluster (Moebius and Roedelius), with his own electronic seasonings added for good measure? As I wrote recently, I‘m once again sharing a home with my records, and I find more and more albums I didn’t realize how much I missed. After the Heat, though, that I realized.

I don’t  remember when it was in Chicago that I pined to hear “The Belldog” and “Broken Head,” but when I couldn’t find the CD online (it is out there for purchase, if not download, though at a pretty steep price), the jonesin’ merely steamrolled. But I knew my vinyl copy was waiting for me, and when I got it home this weekend, I couldn’t wait to play it. I worried though;  would this be like the times I’ve dug out cherished old books and flipped through the pages, or insisted Samantha watch a classic film of my youth, and the experience showed that I had some pretty bad taste back then? I hoped not, though I had greater faith that good music was more timeless, and this Eno/Cluster collaboration was good, an ambient/krautrock mélange punctuated by Eno’s voice and lovely piano lines underneath the electronica.

My faith was rewarded. To these aging ears, “The Belldog” was as I remembered, the music a beautiful counterpoint to the somewhat creepy sci-fish lyrics. And as it finished, I thought about the other old Eno records waiting for me, and the collections of  blues songs from both the original sources and the British imitators, and obscure records by obscure groups that I didn’t even remember I had.

So, for those of my faithful readers who think I have  found nothing to give me joy on my return to CT, here it is:

And No Pussyfooting is next in the queue

And No Pussyfooting is next in the queue

I have my records again.

Now all  I need is a decent turntable.


~ by mburgan on September 2, 2009.

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