Slow News Day

I got a new scanner today. I broke the old one. I was scanning photos, and I tripped over the power cord. The scanner crashed to the floor. It didn’t work anymore.

Time for a new scanner.


This is the photo I was scanning when the old one broke. I was scanning it for my friend Wax. I’ve written about him before. He’s the the good-looking guy on the left. That’s our friend Sinbad on the right.

This picture was taken about 25 years ago. It’s in my apartment on Sherman Street in Hartford. I liked that place. It was my first apartment after my first divorce, to a woman who was a lot older than I was, and whom  I never should have married. But that’s another story, which I might tell here some day if the lawyers OK it.

I lived near a great store called Cheese ‘n’ Stuff, and a funky bookstore-slash-restaurant called The Reader’s Feast. That part of Hartford, the West End, was pretty cool then. There was also another  great place not far away, an old diner converted into a hip restaurant. God, why can’t I remember the name? I went there a lot. Wax’s sister used to work there around the time I lived in the neighborhood. I went out with her for a while. It didn’t work out — the relationship, and her waitress gig. She was not always too coordinated. But she was smart, and talented. We’re still friends.

I don’t know if I would live in that part of Hartford again. Or the neighborhoods where I lived in the South End. The city has really gone downhill. Things change, you know?


This is me, with Wax and Sinbad. I set the camera on the table and used the timer, which explains the white pointed field in the foreground. You can tell it’s an old picture because I don’t have a gray beard and a receding hairline. And we’re drinking Bud. Jesus fuck, even in our poorest, weakest moments, I can’t imagine that we drank Bud. What a sad sight.

I was scanning these pictures because I thought Wax might want to see them. When we were young and smiled easily and lived in Hartford and were mostly unencumbered with life’s taunts and travails. Before I went through another divorce and cancer and more screw-ups than I care to elucidate right now. Before Wax got blindsided with Parkinson’s disease. Before Sinbad, with his wide smile and precise drumming and carefully crafted carefree ways that fooled us all, left us on an August day.

I wish I had more pictures of those times. I wish I had those days again. I wish I had Sinbad back, and a buoyant, striding Wax, riding his bike or walking beside me as we backpack through Europe.

But all I have is the reality of today. And even as I think of the things I miss, I realize this:

It could be a lot worse.


~ by mburgan on October 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “Slow News Day”

  1. The Garden of Eating? Great pics. I miss Sinbad. Wax.

  2. Just as I was going to write that it wasn’t the Garden of Eating, it hit me–the Comet!

    Glad you liked it.

  3. I thought it was the Comet, and then I saw you post it in your comments! Nice to know I remember some things…

  4. Wow.

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