Funny, Ha Ha?

Does crisis sharpen our senses?

Ah, why don't we go with "flight" here...

I suppose those fight-or-flight situations do, when the adrenalin and other hormones begin their targeted rush through the body, heightening our awareness, dilating our pupils, preparing us for, say, that charging saber-tooth tiger, in ancient times; or today, the knife-wielding mugger or stop-sign-running jerk or the budget-chopping boss, coming for your head next.

But what about the more subtle challenges to our survival, particularly our emotional survival – like the New Crisis underway here at C?WC?

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that I’m noting little things, thoughts and sayings that somehow seem to apply to the current situation. That make a comment on the fortitude needed to withstand the emotional battering, or offer inspiration for focusing on the good that may/will come of it. Or maybe I’m noticing them because I need to see them. I want to be open to them, to any words of wisdom that can soften the pain of this separation. (For, make no mistake, despite physical proximity, there has been some large-scale separating going on. And will continue to go on. And it hurts.) I’d like to share some of these aphorisms and this advice, for others who might be in a similar situation.

Now, don’t worry – there’s no Kahlil Gibran, no Tao of Pooh. No Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Eating Chicken Soup. Just a few simple thoughts that have struck me as useful these past few weeks.

“Hey, Michael… It’s OK. Everything is fine. You’ve always been guided….You’ve made great stuff happen, and you will make more great stuff happen. You’ve changed lives. You’ve changed your own. You’ve moved mountains and done the impossible. You’ve been scared and you overcame. You’ve been knocked down and you rose. And you’ve been lost, or so you thought, only to discover it was just the calm before another storm of creativity, love, and fun.”
(The daily pat-on-the back- from a sometimes-annoying, sometimes-useful site called Tut’s Adventure Club.)

“When we do things with an open heart rather than out fear of what might happen, the world becomes an entirely different place. Opportunities seem to appear out of nowhere. When, in reality, they were there all the time, but fear had us wearing blinders.”
(From the website of an astrologer/intuitive I know, Karen Webster.)

Windmills for power! (Sheep not included.)

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.”  (Chinese proverb passed along by a wise soul I met in Chicago on her FB page. And my response to this was, “I‘m gonna need a bigger windmill…”)

Now, I know these thoughts lack some of the cynicism I sometimes show here at C?WC? Well, if it hasn’t been apparent throughout these posts, I do have my sappy side. But I have not lost my appreciation of irony, even as I’ve tried to be less ironic in my own life. And I was going to point out some of the ironies spawned by the announcement of the impending marital dissolution, and the events that have followed and continue to roll out. But to what end? Suffice to say, the ironies are there. I note them, appreciate them even, in their cosmic, karmic symmetry. I mean, I can step back and see the black humor so often wrapped up in irony.

Yes, I can still laugh. Thank god I can still laugh. At myself, the situation, the way life plunges unexpected daggers in the back, thereby giving you the knife you need to fend off saber-tooths or hard-charging bosses. And that’s led me to come up with my own aphorism this week, though surely not worthy of The Prophet or soothsayers or shamans. Here it is. Ready? Yes, you might be disappointed. We often are after big build-ups and long-held expectations.

Life is funny that way.

There. That was it. “Life is funny that way.” My new saying. OK, not so new. Just more appropriate than ever. I hope it comes in handy for you. And I hope I don’t wear it out as the New Crisis lurches along.


~ by mburgan on May 15, 2010.

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