All in the Timing

Oldest continually operating theatre co. West of the Mississippi, so they say.

Serendipity always comes in handy when you’re traveling, and I’ve had a bit of it so far on this trip. Turns out my casita is a very short walk from the Santa Fe Playhouse, one of the local theatres, and it was featuring a new play about D. H. Lawrence, who has ties to the area (his remains are at the ranch he owned with his wife, just outside Taos; a gorgeous spot). The playwright, a Brit, is in town for the weekend and offered a free writers’ workshop this morning, so I went to that too.

The workshop was fine; it got me thinking in very broad ways about theatre and imagination (hard to cover too many nuts and bolts in two hours). Also had a nice chat with the director (the multi-talented gent I referred to earlier) and met an older guy who just relocated here from CT. That was an inspiration! If he can do it, why not me? Of course, he came with a partner, and so had moral support, and probably came with money too, as they’re renovating a house right in town (man, I got to find me a rich, artsy chick…). He also has some family in ABQ, so that must help too. Sounds like he’s had some success in the playwriting field, though not professionally, and he was eager to get involved with the Playhouse. I could see integrating myself into that little community some day too.

Then, for more serendipity – perhaps: I just got an invitation from a stranger on the street to go to an open house tomorrow. Weird story: He saw me leaving my casita and stopped to ask me how I liked it. The complex, with six units, is for sale, and he and his partner are thinking of buying. (Here’s more info if you’d like to outbid them.) The two of them have a long-distance relationship – he’s in NYC, she’s here, but he’s moving. They were high-school sweethearts who recently reconnected. If it’s legit, it’s a great story. He said she is very plugged into the arts here and their place is right around the corner, so I might take him up on the offer. Hey, if I do ever move here, won’t hurt to already know some artsy people. And he told me not to worry, there was nothing hinky about it; they wouldn’t all be naked or conducting weird rituals when I walked in. But when I googled the address he gave me, it didn’t seem to pan out. Just in case I do find the place and it‘s not on the up and up: If you don’t hear from me again this week, they’re on Galisteo and his name is Jerry. That should help the cops track him down, right?

On the whole, though, it just seems like a real friendly place. I never got that vibe so strongly before. Maybe I’m just open to it more now, to new people and situations. Well, nothing wrong with that.


~ by mburgan on November 6, 2010.

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