Vegan Bloggers of the World, Unite!

Just a quick shout-out and thank you to my blogging buddy Deb at Invisible Voices ( a site I have long linked to here at the Crisis, which features Deb’s fine writing and beautiful photography). We have corresponded for more than 2 years through our blogs and met for the first time tonight when she graciously trekked into DC to join me for beers, vegan quesadillas, and Ethiopian food (yum!) in the happening Adams Morgan neighborhood. It was a little odd, meeting her for the first time, given that she knows so many of the intricacies of my life (and certainly OEC) through the blog. And yet she still had the temerity to meet me in the flesh – amazing! Here’s hoping we meet again,  whether it’s here, in CT, or perhaps somewhere in the high desert.


~ by mburgan on May 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Vegan Bloggers of the World, Unite!”

  1. Ha! I am famous now!

    I’m so glad we met up for dinner! Between the great food and great conversation, it was a really wonderful evening!

  2. I concur on all points. And tonight I had my vegan pizza, at Pizzeria Paradiso. Very tasty!

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