All This Goodness

Well, well, well.

Lots of changes and challenges the last few weeks. Almost all for the good. The big news if you are a C?WC? reader and are not also a friend of your humble narrator on Facebook — the house is sold! I refrained from saying too much about the process here, lest I jinx the whole affair. And it was touch and go for a while: The verbal word that the buyers had their mortgage commitment set off a flurry of activity on my part, as I prepared for the big move to Santa Fe and the smaller — though perhaps more stressful — move to Glastonbury. To spend the rest of the summer at the old homestead. With — gack — my mother.  But as I made reservations and booked flights and generally acted as if the sale were  a done deal, I learned it was not. And not until two days before the supposed closing date did I learn that, indeed, we had a sale.

Can I have a big, effin’ “Phew”?

In the midst of that, I had my date at the Italian Consulate in NYC for my citizenship application. While I won’t say it was a debacle, it was pretty disappointing, and I wonder if I can get all the new documents I need before I make the move to Santa Fe. We shall see. It’s not as if I don’t have enough else to do in the months ahead: work, a cruise to Bermuda, going to NM to find a place to live, packing up the stuff I have not already stuffed into a POD and now have sitting in a warehouse in East Haven, various weekend trips to see friends for perhaps the last time in a long while, unless they can make the trip out to the Land of Enchantment. Not to mention obsessing about the ridiculous political situation rolling on in this country. I would like to personally slap every Tea Party Republican in Congress and say, “Moron.” But that would not fit well with my efforts to strengthen my Buddhist sensibilities, now would it?

And in the midst of all that, there is the amazing, simply unbelievable rapport that has been developing with my new Santa Fe honey, courtesy of the wonders of Match and the Internet. As with the house, I hesitate to say too much, fearing there is not enough wood in New England to knock on to prevent a devastating explosion of all that has been unfolding. Suffice to say, if things work out, my dedicated readers will be reading more about her in my planned new blog, A Year in Santa Fe (More or Less).

So, the upshot of all these recent events? I feel like I am on a good path. Exciting things await in NM — creatively, spiritually, and hopefully emotionally. Life, for the first time in so, so long, feels good. Please tell me I am not writing this with rose-colored glasses atop my head. Hell, even if they are there, I don’t care; in this moment, I am content.


~ by mburgan on July 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “All This Goodness”

  1. everything happens for a reason, and we just don’t know it at the time what the reason is..i’m a believer in that.

    but glad you are optimistic about the future..and even the cruise..we are not really that difficult 🙂

  2. Re: the cruise–we’ll see about that…

  3. LOL…can always look for an empty cabin

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