The time has come.

Almost three years to the day after the first post here at Crisis? What Crisis?, we’re shutting down. No going-out-of-business sale, with prices slashed and everything available, even the fixtures and furniture (I still need the laptop); no last rites or purification ceremonies; and certainly no tears. No, no need to be lachrymose. It’s just a simple fact: What started out as the documentation of major life changes – some expected, and many not, as changes sometimes are – has outlived its usefulness. I’m moving on, and a new blog is in order. If you haven’t checked it out already, please peruse the first brief posts of A Year in Santa Fe (more or less), my humble effort to show that we can not only endure crisis – crises – but also come out better on the other side. That’s why no tears need be shed. The ending of this blog and the starting of the new one mark a life-affirming transition, one that will be filled, I believe, with great work opportunities (OK, purely blind faith on that one…), new creative endeavors, and a wonderfully satisfying new relationship (got a head start already with that; more to follow in the weeks ahead, I’m sure).

Ah, Chicago!

Yes, as these three years have shown, we are resilient critters, ain’t we, if we put our minds to it. And as my faithful readers at C?WC? know, there has been plenty to test that resilience. The unwanted move from my beloved Chicago; the home ownership in less-than-endearing West Haven; the too-frequent angst over playwriting; and, of course, the marital dissolution (so many posts to choose from to highlight that lovely little part of my life).

Through all that, C?WC? has been my therapy, my connection to friends and family, and a path to meeting new friends and gaining new insights. Yeah, I’ve spewed here at times, maybe too much. But I’ve been grateful to see that some of my words have touched others, and led them to share their experiences and wisdom. It hasn’t been a large community, the people who have come along for the sometimes-wild ride that has been my life these last three years. But knowing someone has been reading and at times responding has been very gratifying, and I thank all of you – all six of you – for your support.

Ah, travel! (Cold War Park, Budapest)

Of course, not everything has been gloom and doom/sturm und drang here at the Crisis. I’d like to think there have been moments of levity. And I’ve gotten pleasure from flexing the ol’ reporting chops from time to time, sharing some of the art events I’ve enjoyed, the lectures I’ve attended, the travels that have kept me engaged with the world. Then there were the political rants; well, I am nothing if not opinionated. All that will probably continue, to some degree or another, with the new blog.

But in general, I don’t want A Year in Santa Fe to be C?WC? all over, with merely some Southwestern spice ladled on top (mmm, green chile…). I want to explore the culture of my new home, the geography, the history, and most importantly, the people. I want my far-flung friends and family to get a sense of what has pulled me to the Land of Enchantment, to see that unique blending of the three cultures that makes being in New Mexico almost feel like being in a foreign land (but please, do remember, it is one of the 50 states; the number of tales about the even well-schooled Americans who are ignorant of that are legion…).

So, that’s it. The Crisis will still exist here on WordPress, and I might link back to it from time to time. I am still an aging writer, but in crisis no more. Life is good. I trust it will only get better.


~ by mburgan on September 14, 2011.

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