The Author-in-Crisis

Yes, I’m joining the rest of the modern world, just a little after I finally got my first cell phone (a dumb one, just like its owner). I’m a 51-year-old freelance writer and playwright, sometime-radical, would-be Buddhist, vegan, devoted husband (make that once-devoted, prior to the New Crisis), and Frank Zappa-loving neurotic trying to make sense of my upcoming move from Chicago to my home state of Connecticut (an even swap, right?), the cross-country trip that will precede it (oops, scratch that…), the state of this infuriating and lovely country, my struggling writing career, and all the other things that flit through my mind from time to time. Hope there’s at least one thing every post that makes you laugh, makes you think, or both. And for a little more background on me and the blog, check out the inaugural post. Thanks.

4 Responses to “The Author-in-Crisis”

  1. Me thinks you need to look at life just a bit differently…midlife is pretty good…well cept for the dating thing…the only time in my life that was better was the cruise years…LOL.

  2. Don’t know about the dating thing, at least not for 10 years, and I hope it stays that way. But the cruise years were pretty good…

  3. Hi. This is an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing with us. Are you, by chance, the Michael Burgan whom writes a lot of non-fiction books for kids? If so, I believe one of your recent books includes a photograph taken by me. If this is the case, please email me, as I have some questions about it. Thanks again.

  4. 2.5 years after starting this, I now do know about the dating thing. It’s not fun…

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