C?WC? Glossary

Some 20 months into the Crisis, things have taken a turn – perhaps for the worst, but I’m trying to be optimistic.  As I chronicle this new phase, I’ve found myself using some acronyms, abbreviations, and new terms. So I won’t have to define them in each post, I’ve set up this glossary.

New Crisis: learning my wife wants to divorce me. Surprise!

FEX (or Fex):  future ex; the wife seeking the divorce

IMD: Impending Marital Dissolution; speaks for itself

TFW: Too Fucking Weird; my common response to various aspects of the New Crisis

MD: Marital Dissolution; also speaks for itself

PMD: Post MD; and ditto

Operation Enduring Crisis (OEC): a revised name for the New Crisis, since it is no longer new

Heads Up Day: April 14, the day the Ex first indicated she was thinking of a divorce


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