Theatre Folks

Starting with many of the people I worked or studied with in Chicago, I’m listing theatre folks I want to thank for sharing their expertise or lending their support (and often both). Here’s hoping the list gets longer.

In no particular order, and with links where possible:

Arlene Malinowski

Mia McCullough

Mark Burns

Greg Wendling

MT Cozzola

Geraldine Dulex

Paul, John, Mary, Zach and everyone else associated with n.u.f.a.n.

Sarah Ballema

Bries Vannon

Cynthia Castigione

Adam Webster and all the other fine folks at The Side Project

Steve Walanka & John Oster from St. Sebastian Players

Paul Rekk

Michael Leslie (really big thanks here)

Bryan Pray

Josh Waller

John Green

Todd Bauer

Dean Corrin

Russ Tutterow

The casts of all my plays

Mike Dobbin and the Heartland Theatre Company

Michael Graham

Brian Lee Bennett

My classmates at various  Chicago Dramatists/Victory Gardens classes

Cheri Coons

Jonathan Strange

Tom Reynolds

The teacher of my first-and-last acting class, whose name I don’t recall

Everyone not listed here who came to see 18 and my other shows in Chicago

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